Repeating Lies

I was reading the Reynolds Pamphlet this morning and came across this quote: Lies often detected and refuted are still revived and repeated, in the hope that the refutation may have been forgotten or that the…

Going Out For Bid

Does anyone like to hear those words from a potential customer? In your business, you spend valuable time building a solution for a customer. They love the solution and it looks to be something that…

The Road to Emmaus

It is time of difficulty that build our character. Christ walks with us during the hard times. The road to Emmaus is a great example of how we act and how we should think during…

An Entrepeneur’s Perspective on the Pandemic Stimulus

My friend Bo recently shared this quote with me

“There are no atheists in foxholes, and there are no capitalists in a crisis.”

I am stunned by what I have read about the government stimulus. While I am poised be “given” a significant chunk of money both personally and for my small business, I think both of these giveaways are terrible ideas.

The Remedy to the Economic Pandemic

This is a follow-up to my last post about the massive economic problems I see our country facing and how freezing the US economy to where it was a couple weeks ago might be a potential remedy.

A Solution to the Pandemic Economic Problem

I’ve been thinking about the economic problems we are going to face as a country, and it scares me. What we are doing now will save people’s lives, but is going to have a huge impact on how we live our lives for the next few years.

All the big solutions which seem to get press during this pandemic are government based. But I think, especially in the USA, that the real power has to come from the people. Not the city government, not the state government, not the federal government. From me and from you.

Witness to Jesus’ Final Days – Luke 22:14-23:56

This entire scripture reading speaks of the witnesses to Jesus’ actions during his last days. Why is this important?  Because you only have witnesses to actual events.  Witnesses validate the truth of history. Witnesses stand as a barrier to people just making up stories. And in Luke’s gospel, he describes the witnesses to Christ’s final days on Earth, the witnesses of his last supper, the witnesses of His arrest, of his torture, crucifixtion, and death on the cross.  Right now, in this Gospel, we don’t discuss it, but it is also important that we recognize these witnesses as validating the truth of His ulimate resurrection.