The Backstory of Faith XCHARX Mark 10:46-52

Evangelium MK 10: 46-52

As Jesus was leaving Jericho with his disciples and a sizable crowd,
Bartimaeus, a blind man, the son of Timaeus,
sat by the roadside begging.
On hearing that it was Jesus of Nazareth,
he began to cry out and say,
“Jesus, son of David, have pity on me.”
And many rebuked him, telling him to be silent.
But he kept calling out all the more,
“Son of David, have pity on me.”
Jesus stopped and said, “Call him.”
So they called the blind man, saying to him,
“Take courage; get up, Jesus is calling you.”
He threw aside his cloak, sprang up, and came to Jesus.
Jesus said to him in reply, “What do you want me to do for you?”
The blind man replied to him, “Master, I want to see.”
Jesus told him, “Go your way; your faith has saved you.”
Immediately he received his sight
and followed him on the way.
Bartimaeus | Blind | Beggar | Bothered | Busy| Bold | Brave | Better | Backstory | Belief | Blessing | Belonged to Jesus’


Son of Tholomew?

One of the reasons I like to write these reflections on the gospel is that I enjoy learning all sorts of interesting tidbits and facts. Bartimaeus – a name I would have just shorted to Bart, really means something more. Back in Jesus’ time, it would have been broken up into Bar-Timaeus, where BAR means son – so son of Timaeus.
So the people around Jericho knew this blind beggar as the son of Timaeus. Imagine how hard it must have been 2000 years ago for someone who is blind. There was no support structure for him. There was no braille which would allow him to read. Who knows if his father, Timaeus, was still alive and able to help him. All we know is that Bartimaeus was sitting on the his cloak on the side of the road, unable to see and totally dependent upon the generosity of those passing along the road to give him money to buy food.
As the throng of people following Jesus pass by, Bartimaeus could likely view this as a huge windfall. Lots of people mean lots of shekels which might be given to him. But instead, what we hear from Bartimaeus isn’t “Jesus – will you as well give me some money? Will you tell your followers to give me money if they really care about the poor?” What we hear is Bartimaeus crying out for Jesus. The crowd tries to silence him, saying that Jesus cannot be bothered. This echos the disciples telling the children to leave Jesus alone. But Bartimaeus boldly continues to call for Jesus, over the objection of the crowd. Imagine how brave he had to be – people were likely shouting at him and pushing him to be quiet, and truly Bartimaeus is the least powerful of all people. Yet he continues to cry out until Jesus notices him.
When Jesus speaks to him, he asks Bartimaeus, “What do you want me to do for you?”
Bartimaeus says , “Master, I want to see.”
One of the things our priest, Father Alex, has us say in our prayers is,
“Thank you Lord, That whatever we ask for, according to your will, will shall receive.”
Apparently, Bartimaeus’ request was according to God’s will, because Jesus’ reply was, “Go your way; your faith has saved you.” and the son of Timaeus had his eyesight restored.
It’s a nice story about faith, persevering, and blessing, but I think there is a backstory that is pretty important here, that we aren’t told directly.
There used to be a radio broadcaster named Paul Harvey, who would lead off with a short story that sounded mundane – a basic everyday story. Then we would tell “The Rest of the Story”. The Backstory. And all at once, this everyday story would become extra-ordinary.
Being blind, Bartimaeus probably didn’t move too far from his home and stayed near the road where people were travelling on the way to Jerusalem. One of the things we hear about blind people like Bartimaeus is that their other senses are heightened. There is even a superhero named Daredevil, who is able to sense the world better through bat-like radar, because he is blind. So we might imagine that Bartimaeus is really good at listening. We also might guess that he speaks to the travelers passing to get the latest news of what is happening in the world.
In the past three years, he has likely been hearing some incredible things from people travelling along his road. Some dude turning water into wine. Then healing of sick people and lepers. Feeding 3000 people with a few loaves and fish. Raising a dead girl from the grave. At first, he probably thought they were just stories. But as more and more stories came through, it likely started to sound more probably. At some point, someone who Bartimaeus knew and trusted said that he had experienced JesusXCHARX miracles firsthand. This person might have even suggested to Bartimaeus that Jesus was the Messiah.
Evangelicals call this a Credible witness.
At this point, or maybe after praying about it or speaking with other credible witnesses, Bartimaeus probably decided that Jesus was the Messiah. That he believed in his coming Kingship. So when Jesus passed by, Bartimaeus’ heart was already primed.
He would not be shouted down by a crowd. He wanted to see his Messiah.
And when Jesus gave him what he asked for, did Bartimaeus say thank you and go his own way?
No – he followed Jesus on His journey. My guess is all the way to the cross.
And now you know, (perhaps) the rest of the story….
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The Juxtaposition of following Christ XCHARX MK 10:35-45

Evangelium MK 10: 35-45

James and John, the sons of Zebedee, came to Jesus and said to him,
“Teacher, we want you to do for us whatever we ask of you.”
He replied, “What do you wish me to do for you?”
They answered him, “Grant that in your glory
we may sit one at your right and the other at your left.”
Jesus said to them, “You do not know what you are asking.
Can you drink the cup that I drink
or be baptized with the baptism with which I am baptized?”
They said to him, “We can.”
Jesus said to them, “The cup that I drink, you will drink,
and with the baptism with which I am baptized, you will be baptized;
but to sit at my right or at my left is not mine to give
but is for those for whom it has been prepared.”
When the ten heard this, they became indignant at James and John.
Jesus summoned them and said to them,
“You know that those who are recognized as rulers over the Gentiles
lord it over them,
and their great ones make their authority over them felt.
But it shall not be so among you.
Rather, whoever wishes to be great among you will be your servant;
whoever wishes to be first among you will be the slave of all.
For the Son of Man did not come to be served
but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many.”
Jerusalem – Journey – James/John – Jump Ahead – Just – Juxtaposition
This is another story from the disciples final trip to Jerusalem. Remember, this is the last trip the disciples made with Jesus. All along the way, Jesus was telling them that he was going to be killed and his death would be the sacrifice that would redeem humanity, but the disciples clearly didn’t get it. In their minds, they were going to Jerusalem and Jesus was going to be crowned king. That’s what the messiah is supposed to do, right? He will storm in like a hero and after he overthrows the Romans, will sit on a thrown to rule justly.
So with this in mind, James and John approach Jesus. Have you ever asked your parents if they would say yes to your next question, trying to trap them into letting you do something? This is what James and John do. It’s actually pretty childish. Then they ask if they can jump ahead of the other disciples, and sit at Jesus’ right and left hand in his kingdom. But it is understandable – we all like to jump ahead. My family just went to Disneyland and we got the Super Max Fast Pass. This allowed us to jump the line to the front, ahead of everyone who was waiting in line. It was great!
Has anyone waited in a long line? It was boring, wasn’t it? Imagine you could jump ahead to the front in everything in life. No waiting ever again! Sit in the front middle seat at your favorite concert! You would always get your food served first! No more lines of cars or traffic. It would be awesome…well – awesome to you at least. What about everyone you cut ahead of? James and John were really only thinking of themselves, not of everyone else. And their fellow disciples felt didn’t think it was right that Jesus might put them in positions of power when they didn’t earn it, so they got angry.
The disciples thought you should have to do the work to win. Study. Train. Exercise. Win people to Christ. It wasn’t fair for James and John to try and trap Jesus into giving them positions of power.
Have any of you ever had someone cut a line in front of you? How did it feel? Has anyone had someone beat them in something because they cheated? There are people who take drugs to cheat to be better at sports. Others put motors in bicycles to win at races. But nobody likes to feel like someone else got to the front of a line or won because they had an unfair advantage over them.
But this is where Jesus throws a curve ball. He says:
“Rather, whoever wishes to be groß among you will be your Diener;
whoever wishes to be zuerst among you will be the Sklave von allen.
For the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many.”
There is this great word – Juxtaposition. It means two things being placed together with contrasting effect. What Jesus tells his disciples is that it may look like James and John are asking for positions of power and that they are jumping ahead, the Christian life is not always what it appears.
Lets look at the verses line by line and see the juxtaposition.
To be first, be last.
To be powerful, serve.
To rule over all, be willing to die.
James and John are oddly asking to be the servant of all – and they don’t even recognize it. What Jesus is saying is that to be great in the kingdom of God, there is no escaping the fact that we have to do the work. Because that is what it really means to be a Christian.
Study well – so you can teach.
Train hard – so others can follow your lead
Serve others – so you can be an example to others
Jesus gives us an example of the Christian life, where the end goal is not greatness, leadership or salvation, but by our service to others, this is given to us by his grace.
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Sollten Mitarbeiter an den persönlichen Projekten des Chefs arbeiten?

Diese Frage wurde in einem Sicherheitsforum gestellt und ich dachte, dass meine Antwort hier sinnvoll wäre.

Drei Dinge fallen mir ein:

1. Firmenreise: Wenn Ihre Mitarbeiter wissen, wie hart Sie arbeiten, wie Sie mit Ihnen zusammen arbeiten, und Sie Ihre Geschäftsreise mit ihnen teilen, werden Sie nicht gönnen, dass Sie schöne Dinge haben. Wenn Ihre Mitarbeiter fair behandelt werden, werden sie mit Ihnen feiern, dass Sie etwas Erfolg haben und sie auch durch ihre Bemühungen helfen, das Unternehmen erfolgreich zu machen. Und warum sollte der Chef nicht die bestmögliche Crew haben wollen - SEINE - an seinem Haus arbeiten?

2. Unternehmenskultur: Wenn Sie Mitarbeiter haben, die Ihren Erfolg gönnten, ist das wirklich ein Angestellter, den Sie überhaupt für sich arbeiten lassen wollen? Wenn Sie diese Art von Mitarbeiter haben, würde ich argumentieren, dass sie sofort losgelassen werden sollten, da sie für die Unternehmenskultur in vielen anderen Bereichen giftig wären.

3. Separation of Interests: My feeling is that you should absolutely personally pay your company to have work done. It might feel like like paying yourself, but it allows you to keep the interests of the company separate from the interests of the ownership. Lots of company owners play loosey-goosey with having their employees do work on their personal projects. As a C-Corporation, my understanding is that this is unethical XCHARX IXCHARXll leave the legality of it to the lawyers. IXCHARXm not sure how this works with S-Corp or LLCs.

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Wer ist der Größte? Gospel MK 9: 30-37

Evangelium MK 9: 30-37

Jesus und seine Jünger gingen von dort und begannen eine Reise durch Galiläa,
aber er wollte nicht, dass jemand davon erfuhr.
Er lehrte seine Jünger und sagte ihnen,
"Der Menschensohn soll den Menschen übergeben werden und sie werden ihn töten,
und drei Tage nach seinem Tod wird der Menschensohn auferstehen. "
Aber sie verstanden das Sprichwort nicht,
und sie hatten Angst, ihn zu befragen.

Sie kamen nach Kapernaum und, sobald sie im Haus waren,
he began to ask them, “What were you arguing about on the way?”
But they remained silent. They had been discussing among themselves on the way
who was the greatest. Then he sat down, called the Twelve, and said to them,
“If anyone wishes to be first, he shall be the last of all and the servant of all.”
Er nahm ein Kind und legte es in ihre Mitte. Er legte seine Arme um sie und sagte zu ihnen:
"Wer ein solches Kind in meinem Namen empfängt, empfängt mich;
and whoever receives me, receives not me but the One who sent me.”


This gospel is kind of a double feature. We have part 1 where Jesus and the disciples are walking together and Jesus is teaching them. Part 2 has the disciples arguing over who is the greatest among them. IXCHARXm going to focus on the second part, but I just want to say one thing about this part 1 first.

Teil 1 - Gobblygook zum Evangelium
Jesus is saying some pretty difficult things on the walk through Galilee. And the disciples don’t understand. How often have you heard a teacher say something that you didn’t understand? Does it sound like gobbleygook ro perhaps Charlie Brown’s teacher?

Bild-Ergebnis für charlie brown Lehrer zu hörenHow about your parents? I’m not speaking of not wanting to hören to your parents here – but when they say a word you don’t comprehend or speak about a difficult subject. When you don’t understand something, the worst thing you can do is nicht für alle zusammen definierbar ist. as questions. Sometimes, you are afraid of looking stupid or you get embarrassed. But I guarantee you, that if you don’t understand something, most of the rest of your kids around you have similar questions. Be brave and be the one who wants to understand what is going on and clarify the message. Just as Jesus wanted his disciples to understand, all of you teachers are there because they want you to learn.

Teil 2 - Der Größte
Auf ihrem Gang durch Galiläa stritten sich die Jünger darüber, wer der Größte unter ihnen sei. Erinnere dich, vor ein paar Stunden hatte Jesus sie zu zweit ausgesandt, um Wunder in Seinem Namen zu vollbringen. Ich kann mir ihre Argumente vorstellen.

  • "Ich habe ein gebrochenes Bein repariert"
  • "Nun, ich habe den Mann mit Lepra geheilt"
  • "Das ist alles? Ich füllte einen Brunnen, der trocken war "
  • "Ich habe dich alle übertroffen - ich habe eine ganze kranke Familie geheilt"

Es wäre eine Reihe von Übertreibungen gewesen, bei denen jeder versucht, besser zu sein als der vorherige. Es klingt nicht sehr Angabe Einstellung - jeder Schüler versuchte, den anderen irgendwie zu verringern, um seine eigene Größe zu erhöhen.

In many places in the world, people try to identify who is the größte. Who are some of the Grüße das weißt du?

Albert Einstein, sagen manche, war der klügste Typ.
Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball player. Or is it now LeBron James?
David Beckham ist der größte Fußballspieler. Oder vielleicht Ronaldo?
Wer sind deine Lieblings-Greatests?

They even have a funny name for this – ZIEGE. Does anyone know what that means? ZIEGEN - Gam besten Of All Tich.

.Bildergebnis für Bilder Ziege Größte aller Zeiten

Aber Sie bemerken, sobald Sie eine neue Ziege haben, ist jemand anderes jetzt weniger? Der Typ der DER GRÖSSTE war, ist jetzt #2. Und jeder auf der ganzen Linie ist vermindert, weil sie irgendwie nicht so großartig sind wie #1.

I don’t think God wants us to work this way. In economics, this is called a Zero-Sum-Game. One winner, other losers. I think the way God wants us to work is to try to be the Greatest You Can Be. The person who gibt of himself to lift others up. The person who helps others grow; wer Führungen them from places of darkness to places of light. He says – be a servant to be first. That is Great.

Jesus then brought forth a child. and said “whoever receives this child, receives Me”. We are supposed to give of ourselves to those less capable – guide them in their paths. How does this work if you are already a kid? Well – find littler kids and see how you can help them. Be a good friend. Look to see how you can serve them and help them grow – In knowledge – In strength – In Faith.

Jesus wants our path to always try to be the Größte – not so we can improve our own standing, but to raise up those around us. To make them be the best they can be.

Remember how we were speaking earlier about the Greatest in each category. One of my greatest is a scientist named George Washington Carver. He found more than 100 things you could do with peanuts, back in the 1800s. There is a nice quote attributed to him.

"Als ich jung war, sagte ich zu Gott:, Gott, erzähle mir das Geheimnis des Universums '. Aber Gott antwortete: Dieses Wissen ist nur für mich. Also sagte ich: "Gott, erzähle mir das Geheimnis der Erdnuss." Dann sagte Gott: "Nun, George, das ist fast deine Größe." Und er hat es mir gesagt. "
- George Washington Schnitzer

Wenn du der Größte in Gottes Königreich sein willst, lerne, der Diener aller zu sein. Nutzen Sie Ihre Stärken, um die Person zu sein, die:

  • Gibt von sich selbst, um andere hochzuheben
  • Helps others wachsen in ihrem Glauben und ihren persönlichen Stärken.
  • Wer Führungen andere in göttlichen Wegen.
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Stetig sein, wenn die Crowds abreisen - JN 6: 60-69

Evangelium JN 6: 60-69

Viele der Jünger Jesu, die zuhörten, sagten:
"Dieses Sprichwort ist hart; Wer kann es akzeptieren? "
Da Jesus wusste, dass seine Jünger darüber murmelten,
Er sagte zu ihnen: "Tut das? Schock Sie?
Was, wenn du das sehen würdest? Sohn eines Mannes aufsteigend
Wo war er vorher?
Es ist die Geist das gibt Leben,
während das Fleisch nichts bringt.
Die Worte, die ich zu dir gesprochen habe, sind Geist und Leben.
Aber da sind einige von euch, die nicht glauben. "
Jesus knew from the beginning the ones who would not believe
und derjenige, der ihn verraten würde.
Und er sagte,
"Aus diesem Grund habe ich dir gesagt, dass niemand zu mir kommen kann
es sei denn, es ist ihm von meinem Vater gewährt. "Als Folge davon
viele seiner Jünger kehrten zu ihrer früheren Lebensweise zurück
und begleitete ihn nicht mehr.
Jesus sagte dann zu den Zwölf: "Willst du auch gehen?"
Simon Petrus antwortete ihm: "Meister, zu wem sollen wir gehen?
Du hast die Worte des ewigen Lebens.
Wir sind zum Glauben gekommen
und sind überzeugt, dass du der Heilige Gottes bist. "


Retter | Superheld | Etwas anderes | Schock | Skaddaddled | Simon Peter | Standhaft in der Wahrheit


In the past few weeks, we have been speaking about Jesus attracting a crowd around him. They were attracted because they were looking for something. What were they looking for? Pretty simple:

A Erlöser!

Was glaubst du hat das jüdische Volk in einem Erlöser / Messias gesucht?

Well, they wanted to crown him king and have him overthrow their oppressors, the Romans.. They wanted a military/political hero like Joshua. And, as it turns out Jesus’s name originates from a rendition of the Hebrew Yeshua, which is how they said Joshua.

Wer erinnert sich daran, was Joshua getan hat?

  • Führte Menschen aus der Wildnis heraus
  • Zerstörte Jericho
  • Überwinde das ganze Land Israel für die 12-Stämme

Klingt wie ein Superheld to me! Lets go back to what recently happened with Jesus.

  1. Jesus heilte einen Mann, der für 38 Jahre verkrüppelt war
  2. Er sagte, er habe die Macht über Leben und Tod
  3. Er fütterte 500 von 5 Laibe und 2 Fisch
  4. Er ging auf dem Wasser
  5. Er sagte, er hätte Brot, das sie für immer füllen würde

If I were looking for a superhero to help me overthrow the Romans, Jesus has all the credentials. Imagine, your army is fighting another army. But anyone on your side who gets hurt can now be healed. Anyone killed, brought back to life. No worries about bringing food XCHARX just bring the kid with 5 loaves and 2 fish and the army is good for food. Need to run away? Just walk across the water where your enemy cannot follow. This guy was the superhero of all superheros! Better than Spiderman, better than Superman! This is who they were expecting for the Nessiah XCHARX the guy who would save them!

Aber nachdem Jesus all diese erstaunlichen "Kräfte" gezeigt hatte, was tat Jesus?

Er sagte ihnen, dass er es war etwas anderes entirely. He said he was the bread of life. He said that he was one with the Father. That he had the keys to everlasting life. And to gain eternal left we had to eat of his body and drink of his blood. He also told us that the Son of Man would suffer and die before he came again in his glory. This was nicht für alle zusammen definierbar ist. der Superheld redete die Leute wollte.

Jesus started off this gospel saying his teachings were hard – really hard. So hard, in fact, that the people were schockiert. Jesus just told them to be saved they needed to “eat my body and drink my blood” to be saved.


Das ist verrückt reden! Und mehr - Jesus wollte nicht König sein!!?! Das war nicht das, was die Juden in ihrem Erlöser wollten. Sie wollten einen Superretter, der sie führt. Und was machen Menschen, wenn etwas nicht ihren Erwartungen entspricht?

Sie haben Skaddaddle!

Stellen Sie sich vor - eine riesige Menschenmenge taucht zu einem Konzert auf und erwartet eine welterschütternde Rock'n'Roll Band, die etwas größer ist als die Rolling Stones. Die Menge erwartete Licht, donnerndes Geräusch und Schauspiel. Stattdessen holt Jesus eine Ukulele heraus und fängt an zu klimpern Irgendwo über dem Regenbogen.

This was not what the crowds were here for. Just imagine everyone streaming towards the exits. Skedaddled means to XCHARXdepart quicklyXCHARX. Imagine an entire amphitheatre empty in 5 minutes.

Jesus, on stage, finishes his song and looks at the empty stadium. He then looks back at his bandmates, the 12 disciples, and asks, XCHARXWill you leave too?XCHARX Simon Peter answers for all of them. LetXCHARXs look back at the text again here:

Simon Petrus answered him, “Master, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. We have come to believe and are convinced that you are the Holy One of God.”

Simon Peter nagelt es! Selbst Jesus war von dieser Antwort überrascht. Jesus sagt, dass der Vater dies Simon Petrus offenbart hat.

Welche Lektion nehmen wir daraus?

Well – sometimes the truth isn’t easy. But when you learn truth, you need to be stark in your belief of it. You need to be standhaft in your defense of it. Simon Peter was called the ROCK because he would steadfast in his defense of Jesus’ message in time to come.

Es wird Zeiten in deinem Leben geben, in denen Leute herausfordern, was du weißt, um wahr zu sein. Manche Leute werden sagen: "Schau, wie viele Menschen die Kirche verlassen haben, wie kann es wahr sein?" Was Simon-Peter uns heute zeigt, ist, dass wir unabhängig davon, wie die Menge skediert, in unseren Überzeugungen standhaft sein müssen, weil nur Jesus die "Worte des ewigen Lebens" hat

Because life will challenge our beliefs. People will not want to be around us because of what we profess. We too, need to be steadfast – a ROCK for Christ.

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Kann Gott nicht unseren Weg haben - JN 6: 41-51

Evangelium JN 6: 41-51

Die Juden murmelten über Jesus, weil er sagte:
"Ich bin das Brot, das vom Himmel kam"
und sie sagten:
"Ist das nicht Jesus, der Sohn Josephs?
Kennen wir seinen Vater und seine Mutter nicht?
Wie kann er dann sagen,
"Ich bin vom Himmel herabgekommen?"
Jesus antwortete und sprach zu ihnen:
"Hör auf zu murmeln unter euch.
Niemand kann zu mir kommen, wenn nicht der Vater, der mich gesandt hat, ihn zeichnet.
und ich werde ihn am letzten Tag aufziehen.
Es steht in den Propheten geschrieben:
Sie sollen alle von Gott gelehrt werden.
Jeder, der auf meinen Vater hört und von ihm lernt, kommt zu mir.
Nicht dass irgendjemand den Vater gesehen hat
außer dem, der von Gott ist;
Er hat den Vater gesehen.
Amen, Amen, ich sage dir,
wer glaubt, hat ewiges Leben.
Ich bin das Brot des Lebens.
Deine Vorfahren aßen das Manna in der Wüste, aber sie starben;
Das ist das Brot, das vom Himmel herabkommt
damit man es essen und nicht sterben kann.
Ich bin das lebendige Brot, das vom Himmel herabgekommen ist.
wer dieses Brot ißt, wird ewig leben;
und das Brot, das ich geben werde, ist mein Fleisch für das Leben der Welt. "


Beschweren | Massen | Mut Überzeugungen | Klärt | Anspruch | Kontrolliere Gott | Komm zu Jesus


Does it feel like we have read this exact story for the past few weeks? We keep coming back to Jesus being the “bread of life” for the world. We started out with Jesus feeding the crowd with the loaves and fish. Then the crowd followed him, because they wanted more from this guy who could create something from nothing. Remember – they wanted to crown him king which Jesus refused. Now, that they see Jesus is not what they envisioned the Messiah to be, they start to turn on him. Jesus clarifies his mission and claims His right as the one who came to save us through His crucifixion and the cross.

Menschenmenge beschweren

Do you ever notice that people are different when they are in groups than they might be individually? Especially when discontent is rising. The crowd was not happy already because Jesus refused to become their king. Now, someone in the crowd popped up and brought up the fact that they knew Jesus as he grew up – und that they knew his father and mother. It probably made this person feel powerful 0 knowing something that might make Jesus seem less important. And when a group of people starts grumbling and complaining in this way, it only grows.

Mut deiner Überzeugungen

It takes a good deal of bravery for someone to stand up to a crowd like this, from inside the crowd. Whenever I think of standing up against a crowd, I think of a story I read once of Alexander Hamilton, facing a mob in the dead of night, set on tar and feathering a man. The mob could have easily turned on Hamilton, but he stood firm in his convictions. Ultimately, he was able to delay the crowd from entering the building long enough for the man to escape.

Notice, we don’t hear of any actions by the disciples and anyone else stepping up to defend Jesus. Remember, many of these folks sah Wunder, sich selbst zu heilen. Die meisten at the feeding of the 5000 with 5 loaves and 2 fish. Others erfahren when Jesus cast demons out of people. If anyone had stepped up, this story might have gone very differently.

Jesus, der die wachsende Unzufriedenheit der Menge hört, nimmt ihr Murren und Klagen zuerst auf Kopf.

  • "Hör auf zu murmeln"
  • "Niemand kann zu mir kommen, wenn nicht der Vater, der mich gesandt hat, ihn zeichnet"
  • "Wer glaubt, hat ewiges Leben"
  • "Ich bin das lebendige Brot, das vom Himmel kam"

Indem er sich der Menge stellt und seine Überzeugungen und Botschaften erneut verkündet, unterdrückt Jesus das Gemurmel.

Jesus klärt seine Ansprüche auf

Specifically, with the statements above, Jesus clarifies his claims to be the Messiah. He also speak of how His way will not be the way that Wir wollen. Der Weg Jesu wird nicht dadurch angegeben, wie die Menge will, dass er handelt. Es wird so sein, dass es den Willen des Vaters zeigt.

Wir kontrollieren Gott nicht

This is important. We don’t control God. God is eternally consistent. God is the great Ich bin. Too often, we want God to be a certain way. How many times do we say this is how I glauben Gott sollte sein? Wir sagen Dinge wie.

  • I glauben Gott ist Liebe.
  • I glauben Gott ist Nizza.
  • I glauben Gott richtet uns nicht.
  • I glauben Gott möchte, dass wir glücklich sind.

Wir wollen einen Burger King Style Gott. Aber wir können Ihn nicht wie einen Hamburger haben. Wir können den Ketchup nicht halten und haben extra Mayo.

Komm zu Jesus

Was Gott uns sagt, ist dies:

"Jeder, der auf meinen Vater hört und von ihm lernt, kommt zu mir"

Pretty simple. Be humble and realize, we aren’t God. Bar Sein Wort im inspirierten Wort Gottes - die Bibel und lernen von seinen Lehren. Und ultimativ, Komm zu Jesus.

As Jesus shows in today’s Gospel, He is not at all about what we want Him to be. He is one with God the Father. He came in human form to save us from our sins. He says whoever eats of the living bread that came down from heaven, will live forever. He tells us genau wer Er ist und er möchte, dass wir zu Ihm kommen.

Und indem wir zu Jesus kommen, nehmen wir das Geschenk an, das Er uns durch Seine Kreuzigung am Kreuz gegeben hat.

That’s a great way to end this lesson. Our directions from Jesus are clear.

  • Hören Sie auf sein Wort - indem Sie die Bibel lesen.
  • Lerne von seinen Lehren - indem du sein Wort studierst.
  • Komm zu Jesus - so wie wir sind.
  • Akzeptiere Seine GIFT der Erlösung - am Kreuz gekauft.


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Brote, um Aufmerksamkeit zu bekommen - JN 6: 24-35

Brot von meinem Lieblings lokalen San Diego Brotladen, Brot & Cie

Evangelium JN 6: 24-35

Als die Menge sah, dass weder Jesus noch seine Jünger da waren,
sie sind selbst in Boote gekommen
und kam nach Kapernaum auf der Suche nach Jesus.
Und als sie ihn über das Meer fanden, sagten sie zu ihm:
"Rabbi, wann bist du hier angekommen?"
Jesus antwortete ihnen und sprach: Amen, Amen, ich sage dir:
Du suchst mich nicht, weil du Zeichen gesehen hast
sondern weil du die Brote gegessen hast und voll warst.
Arbeite nicht für Lebensmittel, die absterben
aber für das Essen, das für das ewige Leben duldet,
was der Sohn des Menschen dir geben wird.
Denn auf ihm hat der Vater, Gott, sein Siegel gesetzt. "
So they said to him, “What can we do to accomplish the works of God?”
Jesus antwortete und sprach zu ihnen: Dies ist das Werk Gottes, dass du an den glaubst, den er gesandt hat.
So they said to him, “What sign can you do, that we may see and believe in you?
Was kannst du tun? Unsere Vorfahren aßen Manna in der Wüste, wie es geschrieben steht:
Er gab ihnen Brot vom Himmel zum Essen. "
So Jesus said to them, “Amen, amen, I say to you,
es war nicht Moses, der das Brot vom Himmel gab;
Mein Vater gibt dir das wahre Brot vom Himmel.
Denn das Brot Gottes ist das, was vom Himmel herabkommt
und gibt der Welt Leben. "

Da sprachen sie zu ihm: Herr, gib uns immer dieses Brot.
Jesus sagte zu ihnen: "Ich bin das Brot des Lebens;
wer zu mir kommt, wird niemals hungern,
und wer an mich glaubt, wird niemals dürsten. "


Liebe zu Essen Lasagne | Essen hält niemals an | Brote, um Aufmerksamkeit zu bekommen | Auf der Suche nach Jesus | Essen, das für immer hält

Liebe zum Essen

Who here has ever walked into a kitchen and smelled something cooking and had their stomachs growl? (ask what the kids smelled) The other day I walked outside my favorite local bakery, Bread & Cie, and the delicious smells almost pulled me inside!

Who here has a favorite meal that they always love to eat? (ask the kids for their answers) In my case that is an easy answer……Lasagna.

Große, breite Nudeln. Meine eigene hausgemachte Sauce. Parmesan, Mozzarella und Ricotta. Es wird viel extra Fenchel hineingeschleudert. Schichten von frischem Spinat gekocht in. Man - es macht nur meinen Mund Wasser darüber nachzudenken.

Essen dauert nie

Wenn wir also darüber nachdenken, wonach wir hungern, ist die offensichtliche Antwort immer das Essen. Alle paar Stunden wollen wir essen etwas. If you are rich, you still get hungry at meal times. And I’ve read of people who are very, very poor, where hunger is described like an ache in their belly that never goes away.

Regardless, hunger for food is a constant in each and everyone of your lives. And no matter how much we eat at any meal, it never lasts. We always long for more to eat.

Brote, um Aufmerksamkeit zu bekommen

Jesus sagte zu jenen Menschen, die ihm folgten: "Du suchst mich nicht, weil du Zeichen gesehen hast
Aber weil du die Brote gegessen hast und voll warst. "Jesus vollbrachte das Wunder der Fütterung der 5000, nicht weil es für ihn von größter Bedeutung war, Nahrung zu geben, sondern weil er wusste, dass das Füttern ihre Aufmerksamkeit erregen würde. So wie der Geruch von KFC oder Lasagne deine Aufmerksamkeit erregt, wollte Jesus ihre Aufmerksamkeit lange genug auf sich ziehen, damit er ihnen beibringen konnte, was sie wirklich in ihrem Leben brauchten.

Auf der Suche nach Jesus

This is really what Jesus wants from us. He wants our attention. He wants us to be looking for Him. But this search should not be something that happens and when we find Jesus, we move on to the next thing. Jesus wants us to Hunger für Ihn und Sein Wort. Er möchte, dass wir diesen Schmerz in unserem Bauch haben, um mehr über Seine Lehren zu erfahren. Wie nach dem Essen sind wir vielleicht kurz zufrieden, wir wissen, dass wir bald wieder hungrig werden. Und wirklich, wie schrecklich wäre es, wenn ich nach Lasagne ewig satt wäre - nie wieder hungrig zu sein?

We should think of Jesus’ teachings a bit like this. Every lesson we learn about His word, we might have our spiritual hunger satisfied for a short time. Hopefully, after Church, you think about the teachings a bit and let it percolate in your brain. Hopefully – sometimes it gives you a few “ah-ha” moments where it brings you closer to a better understanding of your faith. But what Jesus wants is that we are hungry for His word the next time we go to church. And the next time we learn more about God. And the next. and the next. There is so much to learn from the Word of God, that we can never be filled.

Essen, das für immer hält

Was also machen wir aus diesem letzten Satz in dem von Jesus gesagt? "Ich bin das Brot des Lebens; wer zu mir kommt, wird niemals hungern, und wer an mich glaubt, wird niemals dürsten. "

Anders als Hunger nach Nahrung und Hunger nach Lernen spricht Jesus von der großes Loch in our lives. The hunger and the thirst in each of us that only the divine God can fill it. This hole is where we need God to dwell personally with us. This is where we hunger for meaning for our lives and thirst for a connection to something bigger than our lives. This something is God – Jesus, God in human form. He is the bread of life, whose sacrifice for our sins gives eternal meaning to our lives and provides us with a personal connection with the Father. Jesus is the answer to filling this emptiness that we hunger and thirst for.

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GoldFish sind nicht genug - JN 6: 1-15

Evangelium JN 6: 1-15

Jesus ging über das Meer von Galiläa.
Eine große Menschenmenge folgte ihm,
weil sie die Zeichen sahen, die er den Kranken zeigte.
Jesus ging auf den Berg,
und dort setzte er sich mit seinen Jüngern nieder.
Das jüdische Passahfest war nahe.
When Jesus raised his eyes and saw that a large crowd was coming to him,
he said to Philip, “Where can we buy enough food for them to eat?”
He said this to test him, because he himself knew what he was going to do.
Philip antwortete ihm: "Zweihundert Tageslöhne, die im Wert von Essen sind, würden nicht genug sein
für jeden von ihnen etwas zu haben. "
Einer seiner Jünger, Andreas, der Bruder von Simon Petrus, sagte zu ihm:
"Hier ist ein Junge, der fünf Gerstenbrote und zwei Fische hat;
aber was nützen diese für so viele?
Jesus sagte: "Lass die Leute sich zurücklehnen."
Jetzt war dort viel Gras.
Also liefen die Männer zurück, ungefähr fünftausend an der Zahl.
Dann nahm Jesus die Brote, dankte,
und verteilte sie an diejenigen, die sich zurücklehnten,
und so viel Fisch wie sie wollten.
Als sie satt geworden waren, sagte er zu seinen Jüngern:
“Gather the fragments left over, so that nothing will be wasted.”
Sie sammelten sie und füllten zwölf Weidenkörbe mit Fragmenten
von den fünf Gerstenbroten, die mehr waren, als sie essen konnten.
Als die Leute das Zeichen sahen, das er getan hatte, sagten sie:
"Dies ist wirklich der Prophet, der in die Welt kommen soll."
Da Jesus wusste, dass sie kommen und ihn wegtragen würden
to make him king, he withdrew again to the mountain alone.


Key words

Feeding 5000 | Fact | Four Gospels | never Forgotten | Flock | Face problems | Funds | Friends | Food | Five Loaves | 2 Fish | Feed | Filled | Fragments | Faith | Focused on wrong things!


Cracker und Fisch

Wenn wir die Antwort von Psalm 145: 10-18 überprüfen, haben wir einen ziemlich guten Überblick über das Evangelium.
Die Hand des Herrn speist uns; Er beantwortet alle unsere Bedürfnisse.
Dieses Evangelium handelt von einem Wunder, das Jesus vollbrachte.

Schlicht und einfach.

Füttern 5000 & Kein Essen

Stellen Sie sich vor - Sie sind in der Kirche mit 5000 Familien und jedermann is hungry. No one has eaten breakfast. People are getting hangry (Hungry+Angry). Andrew (the disciple of Jesus, not my 8 year old) makes an announcement and says, XCHARXIf anyone has any food, can they step up to the front of the church?XCHARX

Freund mit fünf Laibe & 2 Fisch

So my son Thomas XCHARX all of 6 years old XCHARX looks down and sees that he has a bag of a few goldfish crackers that his mom has given him. So he brings them up to the front. Everyone who sees his bag of goldfish laughs XCHARX not because they are mean, but because they know there is no way this could feed everyone. But Jesus doesnXCHARXt laugh. He gives Thomas a hug and says thank you. Then he asks Thomas to pray with Him and give Thanks to their Father in Heaven for ThomasXCHARX gift.

Die Herde füttern

Dann geht Jesus um die Kirche herum, greift in seine Tasche und gibt jedem zwei Handvoll Goldfisch. Er tut das für alle, greift immer wieder in die kleine Tüte und gibt jedem Goldfisch, bis der ganze Magen gefüllt ist. Dann sammeln sie alle Fragmente dessen, was Menschen von ihren Goldfischen auf dem Boden der Kirche liegen gelassen haben und finden, dass sie 12 volle Beutel mit Goldfischen übrig hatten.

Fantastisch - nicht vergessen zu werden

Just imagine how amazing that would be. Would you remember it? Of course you would! And I bet you would tell this story over and over and over.
Jesus’s story was so incredible that all FOUR gospel writers wrote about this event. It was so amazing, the crowd wanted to force him to be their King in Jerusalem. They had seen Jesus perform other miracles, but with everyone saw this at the same time. It was ehrfürchtige!

Facing Facts und Glauben

Diese Fütterung der 5000 war ein ehrliches Gottwunder. Im Laufe seines Lebens benutzte er Wunder, um seine Macht zu zeigen und die Menschen wissen zu lassen, dass das, was er sagte, wahr war. Wie uns Johannes später in seinem Evangelium sagt:
Jesus hat viele andere Zeichen in der Gegenwart seiner Jünger vollbracht, die nicht in diesem Buch stehen. Aber diese sind so geschrieben, dass du glauben kannst, dass Jesus der Christus, der Sohn Gottes ist, und dass du glaubst, dass du das Leben in seinem Namen hast.

Es gab viel von den Wundern, die Jesus vollbrachte. Kranke und verkrüppelte Menschen heilen. Wasser in Wein verwandeln. Waling auf dem Wasser. Dämonen austreiben. Diese wurden während des Lebens Jesu von vielen Menschen bezeugt. So sehr, dass wir sicher sein können, dass sie geschehen sind, und dass unser Glaube dadurch gestärkt wird.

Konzentriere dich auf den Vater

Aber Jesus wollte, dass wir uns auf die richtigen Dinge konzentrieren und sein Leben leben, um zu zeigen, wie wir leben sollten. Nach diesem Wunder wollten viele in der Menge nach Jerusalem marschieren, um Jesus zum König zu erklären. Und er war es, warum hat Jesus sie dann nicht aufgenommen? Schließlich, wie Gott, ist er nicht schon König?

Of course, but do you remember the story of Jesus being tempted by Satan in the desert? Satan had bereits angeboten, Jesus zum König zu machen - und Jesus lehnte Satans Angebot ab. Jesus wollte lehren us um unsere Aufmerksamkeit auf den Vater zu richten.

Wähle Gott zuerst

Die Wunder, die Jesus vollbrachte, sollten nur unsere Aufmerksamkeit erregen! Warum?
Weil unsere Aufmerksamkeit von Dingen dieser Welt angetrieben wird!
  • Sind wir hungrig? Wir brauchen Essen.
  • Sind wir krank oder verletzt? Wir brauchen eine physische Heilung.
  • Sind wir durstig (oder trinkend wie mein Sohn Thomas sagt)? Wir brauchen Wasser.
  • Sind wir einsam? Wir brauchen Gesellschaft.
  • Sind wir arm? Wir brauchen Geld.
  • Sind wir in Schwierigkeiten? Wir konzentrieren uns auf weltliche Lösungen.
This is actually the lesson Jesus wants us to pay attention to. He wants us to face our problems, first, by focusing our attentions on God the Father. Because the biggest problem we have to come to grips with is that we are a fallen people. We need salvation. And if we look to a worldly solution to solve this, we will fail. If we practice looking first to the Father for help for our little problems, when it comes to asking Christ for his forgiveness for our sins, Jesus knows we’ll come to the right place – Him.
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Rally, um andere zu bedienen - MK 6: 30-34

Evangelium MK 6: 30-34

Die Apostel versammelten sich mit Jesus
und berichtete alles, was sie getan und gelehrt hatten.
Er sagte zu ihnen:
"Geh von dir zu einem verlassenen Ort und ruh dich aus."
Menschen kamen und gingen in großer Zahl,
und sie hatten keine Gelegenheit, überhaupt zu essen.
So fuhren sie mit dem Boot allein zu einem verlassenen Ort.
People saw them leaving and many came to know about it.
Sie eilten zu Fuß von allen Städten hierher
und kam an dem Ort vor ihnen an. Als er ausstieg und die große Menge sah,
sein Herz war gerührt von Mitleid für sie,
denn sie waren wie Schafe ohne Hirten;
und er fing an, ihnen viele Dinge beizubringen.

Key words

Rückblick | Gemeldet | Aufladen | Anerkannt | Überprüft | Rallye


This gospel is about personal restoration and sometimes working extra even when you are tired, because it is required. Because we don’t have control when opportunities arise and it is important that we step up to take advantage of them.


Just before this reading, we had Jesus sending out his disciples in pairs (see my last post XCHARX XCHARXThe Buddy SystemXCHARX) to proclaim JesusXCHARX message to nearby cities. After having gone out to these cities, the 12 disciples came back to where Jesus was XCHARX feeling pretty good about themselves, I would imagine.


Think about it – Jesus had just given them a task to go out and teach. They had done what he had said and had their own news to report. Imagine being able to come back to Jesus and say things like:
  • "Es gab viele Leute, die deine Botschaft in Kana glaubten!"
  • "Wir waren in der Lage, eine Person mit einem gebrochenen Bein zu heilen, ist Kapernum!"
  • "Die Leute haben uns in ihrem Haus in Tiberias willkommen geheißen!"
Just like a mother would be proud if she asked her child to do something difficult, Jesus was proud of his disciples and wanted to hear what they had accomplished. Similarly, right now I’m on vacation from being in my office. When I get back to the office, I want to know what my employees have done. And if they have done good work – they will report to me of their accomplishments.
This about this in your life – when you complete a project – does it make you proud? Don’t you feel good that you accomplished something? It should. But if was hard work, you often want to rest once you are done.


After reporting to Jesus all they had accomplished, all they had done, and completing the long trips to these cities and back, I imagine all of the disciples wanted to take a deep breath and relax for a bit. They wanted to rest to have their energy restored.
God told us early on in Genesis that we should do this as well. He tells us to only work 6 days a week and then rest on the Sabbath. The Sabbath is the day that he wants us to restore ourselves and also to think about Him. But rest isnXCHARXt solely limited to the Sabbath. Sometimes after working really hard to accomplish a goal, we need rest to recharge our batteries. Jesus knew this as well.


To get away, Jesus and his disciples decided to take a boat ride to “a deserted place”. They thought this would be a vacation Weg von allem. But no. The people who heard Jesus wanted to hear more. I imagine that many of the people the disciples had visited in the far away cities wanted to see who this “master” the disciples had been talking about was. So even as they got to their place of rest, lots of people found out where Jesus was and wanted to hear more.


When Jesus saw these “vast crowd”, he reconsidered his and his disciples need for rest. The gospel says “they were like sheep without a shepherd”. Jesus saw they needed his message more than he needed rest. Even if he was tired, he saw had work to do.


For the last 10 years of his life, every email that my own father would send me ended with a quote from a book XCHARXThe Art of WarXCHARX by Sun Tzu. The quote was:
"Chancenvielfalt, wie sie ergriffen werden"
Jesus knew that this vast crowd – thousands of people, the gospels tell us – had hearts that needed to hear his teaching. This was a great opportunity. It wouldn’t have been wrong for Jesus and the disciples to rest at this time, but Jesus took the role of being a servant leader. Instead of wasting the opportunity and thinking only of his and his disciples need for rest, Jesus rallied his energy and made the decision to teach people who needed it. This helped spread the gospel to allow many people to believe more in him.
Das ist genau das, was Jesus uns in Bezug auf seine Rolle als Diener zeigt. Oft ist es leicht zu sagen, wir brauchen eine Pause oder wir haben schon genug getan. Wenn Gott Möglichkeiten eröffnet, anderen zu dienen, sollten wir unsere Energien für diese Aufgabe einsetzen. Indem wir Menschen dienen, helfen wir, Gottes Königreich hier auf der Erde etwas näher zu bringen.
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